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milonga is a free computational tool specifically designed to aid a cognizant expert—i.e. you, whether an engineer, scientist, technician, geek, etc—to analyze fission nuclear reactor cores by solving the multigroup neutron diffusion equation over unstructured meshes. Technically speaking, it is a plugin for the computational tool wasora, which provides means to parse and understand a high-level plain-text input file containing algebraic expressions, data for function interpolation, differential equations and output instructions amongst other facilities. Therefore, any mathematical computation which can be done by wasora—i.e. parametric calculations, multidimensional optimization, function interpolation and integration, etc.—can be combined with the facilities that milonga provides to solve the neutron diffusion equation.


milonga was designed by a guy who

  1. works in the nuclear industry
  2. is tired of old-fashioned inflexible poorly-coded fortran-based engineering programs
  3. wants to contribute, extend and apply into real-world applications those numerical recipes that are taught in the academia that only work for canonical cases (i.e. simple bare geometries with uniform cross sections)
  4. was disappointed when being an undergraduate student found out that there were virtually no high-quality free and/or open nuclear engineering codes available to investigate, to understand and to reproduce
hence, milonga appears with a lot of features intrinsically embedded by a thoughtful design basis. For example, the main objective is to be able to easily insert the spatial dependence of cross sections. Each material can have a different set of cross sections, each one being an algebraic expression that can involve the evaluation of multidimensional functions, which themselves can be defined by interpolation of scattered data, which itself can be read at runtime from a file or from a shared-memory object, for instance to configure a coupled calculation with thermalhydraulics and/or control codes.

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that's one of next year's main topic

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is there any update about 3D unstructured grids?



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